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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cottage Vacation

The past week or so
I spent in Cottage Country with my boyfriend's family
We spent hours swimming in the lake,
reading old favourites and new,
playing card games, baseball, bocce ball and badminton
and ate all the cookies, 
chips and barbeque that I could get my hands on.
I definitely stretched out my stomach a bit, and returning to my regular diet will be a challenge.

It was a relaxing start to the summer
and a few things surprised me -

I woke each morning by 8 am, never sleeping in
Drank only 2 beers out of respect for my boyfriend's parents
and after years of pain, I avoided sunburn and bug bites!
It was a great vacation, 
and while I was worried I would carry my current burdens with me
(job search, money struggles and fractured family relations)

I was able to completely release my mind from deep thoughts, 
enjoy the company of those around me, and get silly.

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